Welcome to the 4rth Industrial Revolution. 

You live in an age of disruption and will need to rethink your approach to organizing, developing, managing, and engaging your 21st-century workforce.
Agility will play a central role in your organizations future and your workforce has already adapted accordingly.  It is more digital, diverse, automation-savvy, social media proficient and global.
The products and services below represents the result of years of collaboration with top universities and research organisations and a healthy dose of trial and error. They have all been developed as practical tools and methodologies to help you navigate this VUCA world.

Cognitive Technologies

A new breed of learning system. Always on, workflow embedded and mobile. Real-time distributed content creation, curation, and distribution.


Critical Thinking Based Leadership Programs

We took our program, based on 15 years of research, and road tested it on the FBI in Quantico Virginia...

Come see what they thaught...


Learning Resource Development

Although just-in-time development and deployment is the way of the future, there are still times when you may need help to develop beautiful learning resources.

Come see why we keep winning awards for our work.


Only 12% of Fortune 500 companies are still in business...

...and, according to Deloitte's 2017 Global Human Trends Review, 26% fell off the list last year alone.
The changes we are living through can be a threat or an opportunity.

If you prefer the latter, put your details in below or give us a call.