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Anglo American

Industry: Global Resources / Mining

Anglo American is a multinational mining and global resources business, dedicated to the safe exploration and procurement of the world’s most needed resources.

Key Challenges 

Anglo American face similar challenges to most companies with a global workforce. How do you train a workforce 100,000 strong? And how do you keep them up-to-date when they are split across Australia, and the world?

Our Solution

Anglo American first came to us for the creation of a pixar-quality eLearning module aimed at delivering learning all around the globe. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we created 3-versions of that module for users fluent in 3-different languages, ensuring it was still humorous and effectively created understanding.

Our Results

Since the creation of our very first module for Anglo American, we have become a preferred provider, known for effective and fun training. Years of collaboration with Anglo means we have come to know their business, and their people, inside and out, and our eLearning shows it.

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