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Australia Post

Industry: Postal Corporation

Australia Post is Australia’s core governmental postal service, operating across Australia, and delivering internationally. They operate through a 20,000+ workforce dedicated to maintaining the efficient and effective delivery service we use every day.

Key Challenges 

Like many organisations, Australia Post found themselves at the cusp of new training requirements, with the question of if they were being as effective as possible.

With such a large workforce, the benefits of improving training outcomes would see an enormous impact.

“I gained some real improvement and insight from the program. Some great models of training were presented. The facilitator Geoff was engaging and genuine. Thank you.”

Participant, Predictable Learning Design Program

Our Solution

To help bring Australia Posts’ core learning development team to the forefront of learning design, we delivered our predictable learning design program. The program, delivered over two-weeks in two of Australia’s capital cities, aimed to expose Australia Post’s learning designers to the latest in training research and skills practice.

Our Results

The predictable learning design program has now graduated over 100 employees from Australia Post on the topics of effective learning design and creating a culture of continuous learning.

Their latest training programs utilise our modern learning methodology, and the skills we covered in our predictable learning design program, creating some of their most memorable and impactful training to date.

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