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Endeavour Foundation

Industry: Social Service and not-for-profit 

Endeavour Foundation is a group dedicated to helping people with a disability live fulfilling lives, working together to turn possibilities into reality. It’s a belief that we at BabbleWire get behind.

Key Challenges 

Like any business in a time of change, the Endeavour Foundation faced the struggle of grasping something new. With a changing industry, and new requirements of hundreds of Endeavour staff, there were simply too many people to train across the country. To fly-in learners or fly-out trainers was infeasible in both cost and time.

“We asked Babblewire to design and facilitate a workshop for two teams that were merging together following some organisational changes.  This group needed to learn how to work together and continue being effective without any dip in productivity. This meant that the teams needed to get to know each other very quickly, understand people’s individual working styles and figure out the way forward. The workshop not only covered the basics of effective team work and communication, but also profiled every team member using DiSC and compared against each other’s working styles, which provided some fantastic insights. By the end of the day, we had covered a lot of content and had some very valuable discussions, but also felt like we were One Team. I have participated in many workshops over the course of my career, and most of them cover the same old things – but this workshop was different. Thank you to Dawid, John and Roma for a fantastic day and helping our team to better navigate this challenging change.”

Sharon Herridge, Head of Technology

Our Solution

Endeavour Foundation saw the value of a mobile learning platform – one that could deliver training at any time, anywhere. A platform that could go beyond the training session and provide the tools people would need to overcome the roadblocks they face when they return to the workplace.

BabbleSnap offered the Endeavour Foundation a place to not only train their people, but to respond to feedback, to see who was struggling, and to ensure everyone made it through this volatile time together.

Our Results

Completion rates of the training were substantially higher than previously implemented eLearning programs. The training was able to be implemented Australia-wide in record time, removing the need to fly-out trainers for external sessions. BabbleSnap is now a platform integrated into the learning culture of the Endeavour Foundation and drives their new flexible, agile training methodology.

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