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Virgin Australia

Industry: Aviation

Virgin Australia is one of Australia’s youngest and most successful Airlines. In the year 2000 Virgin entered the Australian airspace aiming to inject competition into the leisure section of the market.


Key Challenges 

Like many young, progressive Australian brands, Virgin Australia decided to tackle one of Australia’s largest cultural blights; Violence Against Women. Their goal was to provide safe services for their people, and the training to know what’s available to them and how to reach out if they needed it. They also wanted to help their people to identify, and reach out to those they believe could be in need.

“I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of your team and the quality of the Violence Against Women module you built for us.”

Mitchell Thompson, Leadership and Organisational Development Specialist

Our Solution

Virgin Australia reached out to BabbleWire and the White Ribbon Association to help them implement a program that could cover all these bases. The program would be web-based, practical, and available for the entire organisation to consume. It would be supported by the services and programs necessary to assist anyone identified in the process as being a victim of domestic or family violence.

Our Results

The Violence Against Women program, developed between BabbleWire and the White Ribbon Association, is now available not only Virgin Australia wide, but to many more organisations who have come to us seeking a similar solution. The program has helped improve the lives of countless women, and assisted company cultures Australia-wide.

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