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Industry: Supermarket / Retail

Woolworths is one of Australia’s most popular supermarket chains. They grew their brand through affordability, fresh foods, and a focus on quality service. They now have a foothold in communities Australia-wide, and are one of Australia’s most trusted brands.

Key Challenges 

Like many large Australian organisations Woolworths has a significant intake of talented graduates every year.  For this particular group of graduates, Woolworths was looking for an activity-based program that was aligned with the expected learning outcome of advancing the group through the organisation. Specifically, a program that would make a powerful contribution to the graduates’ capabilities in strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision making.

“I enjoyed the fact real-life case study materials were used. It allowed the audience to stay interested and prompted a instinctive thought process. It allowed one to identify that critical thinking was needed to be able to investigate and draw a factual conclusion, rather than to make assumptions and inaccurate conclusions.”

Critical Thinking Skills Program Participant

Our Solution

A critical thinking skills program was implemented to provide a foundation for effective reasoning, and a toolkit of practical critical thinking strategies. In particular, our program focused on enabling the graduate participants to be more alert to instinctive thinking, to better avoid common thinking pitfalls, and to be more rigorous in determining causal factors in work situations.

Our Results

The outcomes of the program were extremely positive, with a significant anecdotal improvement in the application of critical thinking skills, and a slew of high praise testimonials from Woolworths participants.

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