eLearning and Resource Development

So, What Do We Do?

We have designed courseware and content bites for over 9 years.

We have built everything from 2-minute animations for kindergartens, to global induction solutions, which have now inducted and trained over 78,000 people, and everything in between.

If it needs to be effective and look great, you're in the right place :-)


Resources, designed for learning predictability.

Every bit of research point to the fact that the future is resources not courses.

Why? Because bite-sized, just-in-time learning embedded into the workflow is where learning is moving towards.

Don't believe us? Go check out how many people visit YouTube and Wikipedia.

Regardless of where and how it is used, nobody beats us when it comes to building effective learning resources.

Pixar-Quality 3D Design & Development

Our award-winning 3D modules and animations might as well have come straight out of Pixar Studios. (and some ended up there:-))

Our work speaks for itself. We really build beautiful courseware.

Who Said 2D Has to Be Boring?

Our 2D artwork proves that you don't need three dimensions to make something stunning.
We use parallax backgrounds, shaders, visual effects, and any other trick necessary to make your budget look like a million bucks.

Don't overcomplicate things!

Animation is extremely effective, but it does not need to be hugely complicated.

Sometimes, a simple yet well-designed video delivers far greater impact...

Want to See More?

Well ok then... here is two more samples:-)



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