If you’ve had your eyes open in Australia over the past 20 years, you’ll have noticed a positive social shift towards how we speak and think about ending violence against women. The “Australia Says No” campaign of recent years is just one of many examples.

While these wider social movements are a positive step for Australia, there is still much work to be done. Even today, one in three women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by someone known to them (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013), and one in five women experience harassment in the workplace (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2008).

It’s thanks to organisations like the White Ribbon Association, who advocate for primary prevention in workplaces, homes and schools, that we as a society continue to strive to better the lives of our women, men, and children through the ending of domestic violence.

The White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation, awarded by the incredible people at White Ribbon Australia, certifies that a workplace is taking active steps to stop violence against women. Given that the workplace is where we spend, on average, 40 hours a week, it’s vital that we create workplaces where gender equality is an unbending backbone, and stamp out workplace cultures of inequality, and disrespect.

The accreditation process requires a business to meet 15 detailed criteria across three core standards. Those criteria include some core practices and procedures that the business must provide, and crucially, training that satisfies numerous topics for all managers, and a majority of staff, in the business.

During the summer of 2017, BabbleWire was approached by Virgin Australia with the intent of helping to end violence against women. Together, we would design and build a training program, deliverable Australia wide, that would address Australia’s domestic violence affliction, and satisfy the requirements of the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program.

Together we designed a theoretical solution; an eLearning module that effectively covered each of the core White Ribbon topics (how to address your workplace culture, how to identify and reach out to victims of domestic and gendered violence, and how to reach out if you’re the victim of gendered violence). Our solution drew the attention of White Ribbon themselves, who committed a major spokesperson for the group to assist closely in the development of the program.

BabbleWire played an instrumental role in the scripting and design of an eLearning module that was deeply human. Our unique approach to eLearning, which had attracted Virgin Australia initially, bore fruit in an eLearning module that Virgin Australia, White Ribbon, and ourselves have decided to share with the world.

Our Violence Against Women program utilises the latest research, both in the realms of effective program design, and strategies for responding to gendered violence, to effectively tackle workplace cultures that normalise domestic and gendered violence.

We believe that all violence, including domestic violence, is unacceptable in modern Australia. For that reason we have kept our module affordable, easy to use and deploy, and suitable for all workplaces.

If you are a part of an organisation looking to satisfy the training requirements of the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation, or simply understand the value of nurturing your workplace culture for the benefit of all people, you can contact us here.