Meet our team...

Companies are more than things and stuff. In the end, the people, their energy, and passion define who we are and why we're great at what we do. So, below is the crew that will look after you:-)


Chief Dreamer

Dawid is our Founding Partner & Managing Director. Basically, he dreams up the stuff that we then need to build. Everytime he travels overseas or reads something interesting we live in fear that he has come up with the next “killer-app” that we need to build.

His favorite response to the question “when do you need this?” is “YESTERDAY”. An accomplished director, Author, Senior Executive and Qualified Teacher (UK) who specialized in Special Needs training and Delivery, Dawid now spends his time steering our ship.

Dawid is Currently Completing his PhD in Educational Studies.


Master Story Teller - Head of Instructional Design.

Ethan is our Creative & Technical Writer. Ethan completed his degree at Griffith University and after working for Microsoft decided to join us, where his creativity and passion for writing and learning can be let loose! He has been the driving force behind learning modules for Australia’s top brands that

He has been the driving force behind learning modules for Australia’s top brands that have been successfully completed by literally thousands of people and deployed around the world and in multiple languages.


Owner - The Internet.
Chief Information Officer.

Jason is our CIO. To be really honest we’re not really sure what he does. Most of us are convinced he runs NASA from his desk. Either way we are afraid to ask because we don’t really understand his answers. Anyway, here’s how we’d explain it: “Jason makes the stuff we need work”.


Resident Professor and Malcontent

Geoff is our head of Learning Strategy and Design. He also looks after our product portfolio. He has spent the past 30 year (feels like 60) with his nose buried in the study of learning and instruction. He is at his happiest when his is plowing though mountants of boring data.

The great thing is though if we need any data/stats on anything learning related, chances are he will have samples or white papers in his cupboard. Geoff has built several of our core courses, like our critical thinking course which, amongst others, we have now delivered to the FBI and CIA (yep, were name droppin:-)


MindReader & Hypnotiser

Roma is our resident Psychologist and Head of HR (thank the gods). roma holds two degrees in psychology which we think points to a Freudian need to impress because really, who needs two?

Roma spends her time looking after us and she facilitates programs in Leadership Shadow and Understanding self and others. Roma also looks after all our psychometric testing requirements. She is by far the nicest one of us.

Then there is the most important team members....

We are under no illusions that we would not be able to do our jobs or be anywhere near as successful as we are if we did not have awesome teams supporting us.

From the guys here in Brisbane, Phil and his boys in Spain to Carolyn and her guys in Denver.

Thanks, team. You rock!!!