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About BabbleSnap

BabbleSnap™ is Asia Pacific’s first continuous learning platform that caters to the needs of tomorrow’s workforce. We have created this platform to specifically enable you to build and nurture your people through their personal learning journeys and reach competence and proficiency when and where they need it.

You and your learners will have the ability to create, upload, pull down, share and rate learning resources anywhere, anytime and that’s just the beginning.

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Learning Paths

Learning Paths can be created, assigned and updated by you in real time by simply dragging and dropping items.

BabbleSnap tracks progress and ensures that you and your people are on the right track by nudging and nurturing each learner as required.

Knowledge Hubs

Access learning content and resources when and where you need them. BabbleSnap's Hub allows you and your people to grab information on topics like leadership, compliance and workplace health and safety, all in one place.

"What is?” or “How do I?” are ready on demand for your people via the most rich, immersive and engaging content formats such as tutorial videos, GIFs, podcasts, visuals, micro-quizzes and more.

Get your processes, your data delivered just-in-time to any mobile device.

Content Creation

Become a co-creator with BabbleSnap's instant content creation and create learning resources that your people will love, any time, anywhere.

Your people can comment, add to, rate or share your learning content in real time. BabbleSnap's admin powers will also allow you to maintain the quality and moderate engagement.

BabbleSnap Brings Our Methodology To Life

Everything we do is based on our learning methodology, Ready-Set-Go-Show. It is our product of 15 years of research and an in-depth analysis of most mainstream learning methodologies in use today. Our methodology in combination with our platform BabbleSnap is a solution designed to make achievement a reality for you and your people.

We provide context and pre-work to maximise the efficiency of the following stages and targeted questioning techniques to ensure the required “hooks” are in place to maximise retention in the Set Phase.

Be if face-to-face or online, we use a custom developed set of design tools to design practical learning delivery sessions. Interactive, staggered, personalised and mobile-enabled.

The Go Phase is where we add the most value. We sue the Plan-Do-Review model to drive safe practice. Our software platform nudges and nurtures your learners to proficiency.

It is critical that learning programs should have a defined end. We use achievement stories and practical demonstrations to verify proficiency.

Personalise Learning Journeys

Our existence is based on personalising and making sure that learning is simple, effective and fun. That’s why we have developed personalisation functions into BabbleSnap so you can allow your people to learn their way. We are all individuals and our learning pace and journeys should reflect our personal learning style.

BabbleSnap will allow your people to personalise their own learning journeys by setting their own pace and if allowed (by you) they can also determine their own needs and preferences.

You will also have the power to nudge and nurture your people through their learning journeys by sending them a personalised SMS, email or in-app notification when needed. Your people can then pull the data they need, when they need it from the Hub.

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