Critical Thinking Based Leadership Development

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Why Do Leadership Development Programs Fail?

Despite billions of dollars invested in training and e-learning, evidence and experience show these efforts have been overwhelmingly ineffective. Leadership programs are shown to regularly fail to produce a lasting, measurable impact on the leadership skills exhibited by participants. To identify the universal factors lacking in unsuccessful programs download our free white paper below.

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The Challenge

Today’s businesses are faced not just with the requirement to identify and cultivate next generation leaders, but leaders with a vastly different skill set of critical thinking training.

Due largely to the volatile and fast-changing environment that businesses operate in, the ideal modern leader is more agile, self-aware, accountable and better at learning from experience than ever before.

Despite the clear need for leadership development, these programs are often viewed with scepticism – and not without some justification.

“I have never been taught something that has completely altered my way of thinking. I feel like I’ve been blind and can now see the world through new eyes.”

Intelligent Analyst 

“Thought provoking!! If anything it made me realise OMG! I’ve been approaching “it” all wrong along! This class is a must for anyone in the Intelligence Community.”

FBI Senior Intelligence Analyst 

“I appreciated that there was a large practical element to the workshops that helped us apply critical thinking rather than learn theories about it.”

Participant, Woolworths Graduate Program

“The content was invaluable and applies to my work as an analyst. This was an eye-opening experience. If I could have rated questions above ‘strongly agree’, I can take this knowledge and immediately apply it to my daily tasks, thank you. The workshop was very informative, the case studies were excellent examples. I’ve gained great value in the class as a whole and how I can personally change a few of my habits and ways of thinking in not only my career but also personal life.”

–  Analyst, Iowa Division of Intelligence and Fusion Center

Our Solution

We have developed a research-based, yet highly practical Critical Thinking Based Leadership Development Program that contains 6 key features.

  1. Is built on our tried and tested Ready-Set-Go-Show methodology.
  2. Develops essential critical thinking and learning agility skills.
  3. Harnesses the power of leadership shadow and social learning.
  4. Utilises our modern digital technology to nudge and nurture the behaviour of your people.
  5. Utilises multiple leadership development sprints to drive continuous development.
  6. Harnesses the powerful combination of leader-led learning and peer coaching.

Key Outcomes

Aligned with Your Business

We make sure that at the end of this program your managers have developed next generation leadership skills that are aligned to the strategic priorities and goals of your organisation.

Management Influence

We recognise the dominant influence that managers have on their staff, and utilise this influence to drive ongoing performance.

Practical Skills Development

We provide a methodology and system that engineers the development of practical skills in the workplace.

On-the-Job Learning

Our program facilitates on-the-job learning through continued support and guided reflection to build proficiency back in their workplace.

Rigorous Evaluation

Our program can prove its ongoing effectiveness after the program’s conclusion. It looks good for us, and it looks good for you too!

Building Learning Agility

Like all learning programs built by us, our Critical Thinking Based Leadership program helps turn your leaders into better learners.

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