Predictable Learning Design

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The Challenge

The fundamental problem that undermines the effectiveness and credibility of instructional design, is the lack of predictable learning outcomes.

As a result, HR teams worldwide continually struggle to justify their investment in the training solutions they design and deploy, because they cannot accurately predict and or verify the outcomes of the training programs and therefore the value it will deliver to the business.

To make a meaningful impact on performance in your workplace, you must be able to design for predictability of outcome. Put differently – hope is not a strategy.

Very informative course. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to bring face to face training into the modern era

Participant, Australia Post 

A great program whether you are new to design or an old hat! It brings the science to what you’ve felt was right in your ‘gut’. Be prepared for lots of interaction and discussion.

–  Participant, Australia Post 

Simple processes, that challenged the mind enormously. Valuable tools and processes that I feel like I could explore and trial for an L&D lifetime.

Participant, Myer Grace Bros

Our staff have been heard describing the program as easy to understand, easy to use, easy to make interesting for the participant, very interactive and enjoyable to participate in. Overall the program helps us increase the likelihood that our participants will learn what we want them to by the end of each training program. It helps enable consistent outcomes and reduces the impact of the variable nature of facilitators’ skills.

I would recommend the program to all of those in the Learning & Development field who are interested in increasing the likelihood of learning actually taking place in their training programs.

Learning and Development Manager, Woolworths

Our Solution

We took 15 years of research and 9 years of trial-and-error and developed a training program that has revolutionised generic train the trainer courses by teaching you how to rapidly design learning programs that ensure predictability of outcome.

This program will equip you with the models and practical tools that can be instantly implemented into how you already design learning. It aligns perfectly to our RSGS methodology and is a critical requirement of a effective Go Phase.

Key Outcomes

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Rapid Design and Deployment

Design your learning on the go and deploy it with the capabilities of our mobile technology, BabbleSnap.


Predictability of Outcome

Our program has been specifically designed to allow you to design learning programs that have clear and measurable outcomes for you and your people .

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