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Our Ready-Set-Go-Show (RSGS) methodology is the foundation of our most effective programs.

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The Ready Phase is where we cognitively prepare your learners to maximise their retention in the Set Phase.

We prepare them by contextualizing and personalizing the program to ensure that they can answer the “what’s in it for me?” question. This not only ensures that they are engaged in the material and significantly improves participation.

If the learning journey is centered around a face-to-face facilitated session, the Ready Phase can be utilised to complete prework. It is also during the Ready Phase that we provide them with an overview of the Ready-Set-Go-Show methodology and the BabbleSnap platform.

Knowledge Transfer

The Set Phase is where your typical training program would have been delivered.

Our experience and research has shown that a ‘resources before courses’ approach ensures a greater knowledge retention, especially when coupled with practical delivery methodologies.

Fundamentally there are only 3 ways to structure the Set Phase, and they are:

  1. Face-to-face facilitated session
  2. Self-guided online deployment
  3. Guided study

Regardless of the format you choose in the Set Phase, it is critical that you design for predictability of outcome and maximise learner participation.



Continuous, Safe and Applied Practice

It is a proven fact that for you to master any skill, you need to put that skill into practice over a period of time.

The Go Phase has been designed to help you design and structure a number of tasks over a predetermined period of time. This helps to ensures that the learner frequently engages with the material/technology that you covered in the Set Phase.

The BabbleSnap platform will nudge and nurture your learners through this process towards proficiency. Our system allows you to enforce sequential completion or to structure these activities on time based intervals.

Share Your Successes

Sharing achievement stories not only enforces accountability, but also significantly improves learner engagement,

The Show Phase is an extremely powerful component of our learning methodology because it:

  • Gives you the personal opportunity to share your success, which increases self-confidence through accomplishment.
  • Increases accountability by allowing you the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency to your managers, direct reports and peers.
  • Positively impacts the team and company cultures by driving engagement and demonstrates that ‘we’ are all on the journey together.
  • It normalises continual learning through the organisation and sets the expectation to your direct reports that they will be required to go through a similar process.

From a HR Management perspective, this allows you to demonstrate the competency and proficiency of the cohort and thereby validate the investment in this program.


Key Benefits

Competency and Proficiency

RSGS focuses the learning on the '70' ('70,'20','10'). It drives the participants towards proficiency by ensuring frequent interaction with and application of the learning material.

Learning Journeys

RSGS turns training events into learning journeys. It wraps technology around face-to-face facilitated sessions and extends the learning process to maximise your learners retention.

Cognitive Alignment

Just like you cannot teach a child to ride a bike in a single session, you cannot expect an adult to master any skill in a single training event.

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